Restorative Approaches

RESPECT = Empathy, Dignity

I respect myself, the campus, the students and the staff of SBJHS.  We may have different perspectives and not always agree but we will work together toward the common goal of success.

RESPONSIBILITY = Ownership, Accountability, Obligation

I am responsible for my actions. I understand that my actions can affect my class, my school, and my community.

REPAIR = Fix, Make It Right

I will repair any harm to any relationship, even if I did not mean to cause harm.

RELATIONSHIPS = Family, Team, Community, Friendship

I will develop, improve and maintain positive/healthy/caring relationships in my school and community.

REINTEGRATION = Welcome Back, Another Chance, Opportunity, Restore

I will reintegrate all people involved in conflict into our class, school, and community.  I will also discourage future conflict through our words and actions to maintain a positive healthy community.