Art Courses Offered at SBJHS:

Overview: Art education at Santa Barbara Junior High seeks to provide students with a thorough and in-depth knowledge of the complexities and diversity of art. In this course, students will gain a broad perspective as they study how art has functioned in the past while tracing its influence to contemporary society. With this knowledge students will learn to critically assess and interpret how visual culture influences their everyday lives.

Art (7th)(1 Semester): The majority of class time will be devoted to studio work in which students will develop their technical skills and will learn self-discipline and time management in creating works of art. Students will learn how to communicate effectively in their work and use the language of the discipline in discussing their artistic processes. Students will learn to use a wide variety of supplies including: pencil, colored pencil, tempera paint, ink pen, watercolor, pastels, and charcoal.

Art(7th-8th)(full-year): This class fulfills the same objectives as the semester-long class however students complete over fifty projects and assignments. It is a comprehensive foundation which can prepare students for high school art classes.

Advanced Art (8th): This course is open to students who have completed either semester or a full year of art. The course builds on the foundational skills acquired in the beginning level art classes. Students will expand their knowledge of art

by completing three-dimensional works as well as completing projects that are collaborative in nature. Most of the students who successfully complete this class qualify to enter the Visual Art and Design Academy at Santa Barbara High School. The art teacher will approve or deny final entry into this course

Pre-Req: 7th grade Art course and Teacher approval required.

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