Counseling Department

Santa Barbara Junior High School students are a diverse, strong, resilient group of kids. They will be contributors in our school community and larger community through their engagement, responsibility, productivity, successes, competence, self awareness and ability to make healthy choices.  They will be prepared to engage in higher education in a world yet to be created.

Mission of SBJH Counseling Program
Contribute to the accomplishment of our vision through a wide range of developmental services and programs for all students, staff and parents. Students will receive support in many facets of their education and the enhancement of student competency in the academic, personal/social emotional and college/career domains.  This shall be accomplished through equity, access and success of every student.  The counseling program supports the individual needs of students as well as district academic and co-curricular programming to produce responsible, ethical, productive student citizens.

SBJH Counselors
SBJH has 3 Academic Counselors. Counselors are assigned to students based upon the student's last name or special programs. The primary responsibilities of counselors include course selection and changes, monitoring of academic progress, providing social-emotional curriculum and support for our students. The primary responsibilities of counselors include course selection and changes, frequent monitoring of academic progress, social emotional support and class visits during the school year to deliver curriculum in these three domains: academic, career and social/emotional development.  

Counselor For Students with the Last names A-K
Kelly Sullivan
963.7751 x4013

Counselor For Students with the Last names L-Z
Todd Fredeen  
963.7751 x4014

Counselor For Students in AVID Excel, EML (Ms. Carmean's Period 5/6), DLI (Ms. Diaz's students)
Alejandro Juarez 
963.7751 x4012

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