Performing Arts

Performing Arts Courses Offered at SBJHS:

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Theater Arts 1 (7th/8th): This year-long introductory course exposes both 7th and 8th grade students to the disciplines of movement, voice, and improvisation. Students will perform individual monologues as well as several group projects on various themes covered in class. This class places great emphasis on trust, team building, and learning through games.

Theater Production (7th/8th) (7th period class only) (Sem 1/ Sem 2): This class is offered as a 7th period class for students working as cast or crew in the production for that semester. Rehearsal techniques are studied and used to reinforce material introduced in Theatre Arts classes. All cast and crew are also introduced to basic technical theatre concepts such as lighting, sound, and run crew. After the show has closed, students design their own productions to be used as showcases for 6th grade previews, Open House, and other performances during the school year. This is an AUDITION-ONLY class for both Fall and Spring.

Acting for Camera I (7th/8th): This class introduces students to the world of acting for camera. Comparisons and contrasts are drawn between film and stage, and the various techniques that overlap or differ. Great emphasis is placed on the three stages of film production (pre-production, production, and post-production.) Basic film theory is also covered as students learn the various elements of production, varieties of camera shots and filming techniques, and their applications across various genres. Students regularly create, film, and edit their own films on various themes and topics provided by the teacher. Videos may possibly be shared on our school website or a class YouTube channel.

Acting for Camera II (8th/prior experience): This class continues based on the groundwork established in Acting for Camera I. A cursory review of production techniques and film theory from the previous year is followed by advanced work in all three areas of production. This class could potentially coordinate with ASB leadership for advertising, student bulletins, and other activities. Pre-Req: Acting for Camera I

Like a Girl  Featured

Student created short story under the direction of Mr. Rich Lashua, Performing Arts Teacher at SBJH.
Uploaded Jun 28, 2017


The Theater  Featured

Student created short story under the direction of Mr. Rich Lashua, Performing Arts Teacher at SBJH.
Uploaded Jun 28, 2017


"When Life Hands You Lemons." Featured

This video/movie was created by students in our Acting For Camera course, taught by Mr. Lashua
Uploaded Apr 26, 2017


AFC Commercial  Featured

Uploaded Aug 21, 2016


Race To Due Date  Featured

Uploaded Aug 21, 2016



Music Video - Runaround Sue  Featured

Music Video created by students in Acting For Camera
Uploaded Jul 15, 2015


Music Video

Acting for Camera Students created their own music video.
Uploaded Jul 07, 2015