Woodworking and Construction Technology

Woodworking Courses Offered at SBJHS:

Introduction to Woodworking and Construction Technology (7th)(1-Semester):  As the recommended introduction to Woodworking and Construction Technology (8th), this semester-long course will explore the tools and techniques used in traditional woodworking and modern building construction. Students will complete a variety of projects similar to those completed by professional carpenters and also learn about the viability of a career in the building trades.  Both hand and power tool safety will be emphasized throughout the class.     

Woodworking and Construction Technology (7th/8th): This one-year course will examine different aspects of the residential and commercial construction industry including carpentry, and painting, with a particular emphasis on finish carpentry and woodworking.  Through a hands-on approach, students will learn these aspects of today’s high-tech construction industry and will begin to be prepared, both through academics and practical application, for more advanced work in construction. Safe work habits and the appropriate use of tools and equipment will be emphasized throughout the year.    

Advanced Woodworking and Construction Technology (8th): Following the same curriculum as Woodworking and Construction Technology, this one-year course will include a more thorough investigation of modern building practices as they relate to today’s residential and commercial construction industry.  Students will be expected to work at an accelerated pace and display a high level of competence and physical dexterity with hand tools and power tools.  Many projects will be tailored to individual students and may require work outside the class period.

Pre-Req: 7th grade Introduction to Woodworking and Construction Technology and Teacher approval


Chase Koop
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