World Languages

World Language Courses Offered at SBJHS:

Spanish 1 (7th/8th): This is equivalent to Spanish 1 at the high school level. Introduces and develops basic grammatical concepts through practice of useful structures, forms, and vocabulary. Provides an opportunity for comprehension of spoken Spanish by listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Emphasizes fluency and accurate pronunciation. Presents information pertaining to common traditions, customs, and culture of Spanish-speaking countries. There are frequent quizzes, projects, games, and conversational activities to help guide and encourage the learning process. Taught mostly in the target language. Students who successfully complete this class and year-long 8th grade class (Spanish 2) will earn two years of credit towards high school.

Spanish 2 (8th): This is equivalent to Spanish 2 at the high school. Continues to develop grammatical concepts through the practice of more complex structures and forms, and more extensive vocabulary. Provides further opportunity to practice the four basic language skills with emphasis on fluency and accurate pronunciation. Presents additional information pertaining to life and culture of the people. There are projects, games, and conversations to help guide and encourage the learning process. Taught mostly in the target language.  Students expected to begin to speak on their own. Pre-Req: Spanish 1 with a grade of C or better

Current foreign language requirements for the UC/CSU system are as follows:
Minimum entrance requirement – two years
Total language recommendation – three years
Language major’s recommendation – four years for entrance/advance placement