Food Services (Cafeteria)

Breakfast and lunch are provided, free of charge, to all students from Food Services. A la carte items (ie: cookies, chips, water, etc) require purchase.  Students may pay in cash or through an electronic account (MySchoolBucks). Set up the electronic account through the District Website (

Additional information related to Food Services, including a meal calendar, is located on the District Website. Please note the meal calendar is subject to change.

Students are able to eat lunch in our Cafeteria, quad, blacktop or field. On rainy days, students will eat in the main, downstairs hallways of our building. Students are responsible for throwing away their trash in the trash cans. Throwing or playing with food is not acceptable. If a student leaves behind their trash or is observed to throw or play with food, they will be required to help with lunch time clean up for one or more days thereafter.

Students are required to have a pass from a teacher in order to enter the building during lunch or go upstairs during a rainy day lunch. The pass can be in the form of a paper green pass or an email from a teacher.

Food and beverage sales conducted outside the district's food service program on school campuses during the school day shall comply with applicable nutritional standards. Students are not permitted to sell candy or food during school hours. All sales must be approved, in advance, by the site Administration.