Food Services (Cafeteria)

Please visit Santa Barbara Unified School District Food Services, linked here, for information about meal service during Covid-19 related School Closures.

Our Department of Food Services is extremely proud of the accomplishments they are making in our district’s kitchens, cafeterias and dining rooms. They adhere to a new standard of food service and production that is entirely based on nutritional integrity and local procurement practices.

Each day, they focus on serving nutritious, delicious, and freshly prepared meals using locally grown food. They recognize the importance of educating our students in the kitchen, garden, and academic classrooms about their food choices and the impact those choices have on their health, the community, and the environment. Meals are prepared from scratch. Their emphasis is on whole foods and “clean” ingredients.

They offer nonfat and one-percent milk that is both hormone-free and antibiotic-free. The breads, rice, and pastas are whole grain and each meal is served with a selection of fresh fruits and vegetables that are grown within Santa Barbara County, when possible. The baked goods are made with minimal added fats and sugars as we rely on recipes that replace fats and sugars with heart-healthy substitutes, such as applesauce (fat replacer) and fruit juice (sugar substitute).

Menu: Nutrislice, linked here, allows users to view daily cafeteria menus including item descriptions and nutritional information. You are also able to filter for allergens and dietary restrictions to help navigate healthy food choices.

Breakfast: A free, nutritious breakfast is served every morning. Breakfast includes a choice of an entrée, juice/fruit and milk. In the secondary schools additional items are available for purchase.

Lunch: A free lunch is served every day. Lunch includes an entrée, a trip to the salad bar and either milk or juice. Additional items are sold for an additional charge. Delicious vegetarian and vegan entrees are also available. 

If your student is interested in purchasing additional meals (prices are linked here) or a la carte items (prices vary, but are generally around $1 or $2), they can pay in cash or via money in their “My School Bucks” account. Add money to your child’s My School Bucks account, linked here.

Additional Resources
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For additional information about SBUSD Food Services, please visit their website, linked here.