Report Cards and Grade Monitoring

Santa Barbara Junior High School
Report Cards and Grade Monitoring


Report Cards are available electronically on Aeries (our Information System) instead of being mailed home.

Each time there are new Report Card grades, a Parent Square message will be sent from SBUSD entitled “New Report Card Grades Available in Aeries”. 

When you get an email notification, please login to Aeries to review your student’s grades.

  1. Login to the Aeries Parent Portal at
  2. Go to the Grades menu

The grades you find in Aeries are different from what you find in NEO.

  • Aeries grades are a snapshot of the class grade at one point in time.  The Quarter and Semester grades are important as they determine if a student is earning credit for a class.  A student does not earn credit for a class if they receive a letter grade of “F”.
  • NEO is a Learning Management System.  This is where you find information about a class (like the syllabus) as well as each of the assignments and the grade earned for each assignment.  

It is very important to look at NEO on a regular basis. 

Each assignment will have a grade and each class will have an overall grade

  • A = 90 - 100% content mastery (Above Average)
  • B = 80 - 89% content mastery (Average)
  • C =  70 - 79% of content mastery (Below Average)
  • D = 60 - 69% of content mastery (Far Below Average - Near Failing)
  • F = 59% or less of content mastery or incomplete work (Failing)

If you see “M” (missing) or “I” (incomplete), that means your student did not finish the assignment, or they didn’t turn it in.

Watch the Parent Webinar Video or view the Presentation Slides, both linked below, to learn more about how to use NEO.

NEO Webinar with SBJH Technology Mentor Michelle Lotze (English)

NEO Webinar with SBJH Technology Mentor Michelle Lotze (Spanish)

NEO / Parent Square Presentation (English)

NEO / Parent Square Presentation (Spanish)


If you are concerned about your student’s grades, here are some things you can do.

1. Contact the teacher directly (send a message via NEO or email).  Ask questions. We are here to help.

2. Look at NEO each week with your student.  It is hard to go back and finish or correct past assignments. It is much easier to get caught up or make corrections on a regular basis. Help your student to:

    1. Each week, check NEO on Wednesday night and contact teachers with any questions on Thursday. 
    2. Finish or correct any incomplete work and electronically turn it in over the weekend. This will help your student start each new week focused only on that week.

3. Use online tutoring. “Paper” is the name of an online tutoring resource that is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Go to and “login” with the student’s school Google login information.